Success begets success. When the efforts are sincere, intention noble and the aspiration high, success is a natural byproduct. However, we don't believe in resting on our laurels. We have always reinvented ourselves in our unswerving endeavor to offer unrivalled quality and taste.

The Indian Cuisine is as diverse as its culture, languages, regions and its climate. Every major region of India brings its own unique dishes and subtle variations to popular dishes. Aromatic Spices are the essence of Indian cuisine. This is the unique formula, we, at Hotel Saravana Bhavan, chain of Indian vegetarian restaurants follow, to build our businesses across the globe.

EASTHAM Restaurant

300 High Street North


London E12 6SA

Ph: 020 8552 4677

Opening timing

9:00am to 11.00pm (Mon-Thur)

9:00am to 11:00pm (Fri-Sun)

Location map

Harrow Restaurant

403 Alexandra ave, Rayners Lane,



Ph: 020 8869 9966

Opening timing

11.00am to 11:00pm (Mon-Thur)

11.00am to 11:00pm (Fri-Sun)

Location map

Ilford Restaurant

115-127 Cranbrook Road

Ilford IG1 4PU


Ph: 020 8911 8718

Opening timing

09:30am to 11:00pm (Mon-Thur)

09:30am to 11:00pm (Fri-Sun)

Location map

Southall Restaurant

Glassy Junction

97 South Road

Southall UB1 1SQ

Ph: 020 8843 0088

Opening timing

10:30am to 11:00pm (Mon-Thur)

10:30am to 11:00pm (Fri-Sun)

Location map

Wembley Restaurant

22 & 22 A Ealing road

Wembley HA0 4TL

Ph: 0208 900 8526

Opening timing

9:30am to 10:30pm (Mon-Thur)

9:30am to 11:00pm (Fri-Sun)

Location map

Tooting Restaurant

254 Upper Toothing road

Tooting Broadway

London SW17 0DN

Ph: 020 8355 3555

Opening timing

10am to 10:30pm (Mon-Thur)

10am to 10:30pm (Fri-Sun)

Location map